This is me. I'm a bit of everything. A writer, creator, producer, and a scientist. I love communicating science to the world, through all kinds of media. 

I've got a PhD in Geobiology, and a Masters in Earth Science, and have worked at the NASA Ames Exobiology Institute. I tried having a proper job as a GCSE and A Level teacher, but teaching is HARD, so that didn't last long. 

Now, I'm a freelance writer-producer, making factual and fun content for broadcast channels including Nat Geo and Netflix, as well as digital platforms such as the BBC Earth family of YouTube channels, plus podcasts and web articles. 

I'm also a proud creator and filmmaker, producing factual videos for my YouTube channel 'The Science', which aims to make the world a slightly better informed place. 

In my spare time I make digital and physical art, dance traditional English Morris, help to put on Hastings Traditional Jack in the Green, and keep an untidy home for my husband and cat. 

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