Broadcast productions

(In Production) - Netflix 4 x 45'

One of Netflix's first forays into original science documentaries, this ambitious four-part astrobiology documentary will imagine life on alien worlds with high-end CGI, and understand it through the lens of natural history and science on Earth. 

IN production

Strip the Cosmos 3 - Discovery 10 x 60'

Broadcast on Discovery, Science Channel, and international cable channels, strip the cosmos explores some of the biggest mysteries in the universe through scientists' work and mind-blowing CGI that rips space apart in order to make sense of it. 

Secrets of the Brain 2 - Insight  10 x 60'

The SVOD and Sky channel Insight reveals human nature through their remarkable life experiences. Secrets of the Brain reveals the inner workings of our brains, providing neurological explanations for ideas like our gut instinct, risk-taking, and the minds of twins. 

Science of Stupid 3-6 - Nat Geo  88 x 30'

Nat geo's hit series Science of Stupid explains the real science behind funny fails, with the help of custom graphics and stunning slow motion footage. Presented by Dallas Campbell, you can find out how to pogo properly, why water is almost always bad news, and why you shouldn't swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. 

Space Dealers - Discovery  6 x 60'

Three dealers travel the length and breadth of the US in search of rare and desirable space memorabilia. Along the way, we learn interesting history of the space race. 

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