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BBC Earth Unplugged - YouTube

Home of some of BBC Earth's more tongue in cheek natural history content, short films are hosted by Maddie Moate, Lizzie Daly and others, and explore the science behind the familiar Earth content. LB work features greenscreen and on-location films, as well as content to support the award winning Blue Planet 2 campaign.

BBC Earth Lab - YouTube

Sister channel to Earth Unplugged, BBC Earth Lab asks big questions and looks for the hard science around us, with Greg Foot and Dom Burgess. LB work features greenscreen and on-location films, as well as content to support the award winning Blue Planet 2 campaign.

SciShow Space - YouTube

Exploring the universe a few minutes at a time, SciShow Space is hosted by Hank Green and others. 

LB work includes videos on the far side of the moon, tidally locked planets, and superhabitable planets. 

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LEGO - YouTube

A series of ten educational videos on scientific topics such as 'Why do we have seasons?', and 'How do rollercoasters work?', featuring Greg Foot and Maddie Moate. Entire series written, produced, and directed by me. 

Maddie Moate Bees - YouTube

Researched and wrote a short series of videos exploring the science behind bees, for CBeebies presenter Maddie Moate's YouTube Channel

The Science - YouTube

A channel entirely produced and run by me, The Science aims to unearth the science that surrounds us, and find remarkable answers to unremarkable questions, in an effort to make the world a little better informed. 

Twenty Thousand Hertz - Podcast

A beautifully sound-designed podcast all about sound. 

LB episodes include Birdsong, Dining on Decibels, Deaf Gain, and Do Not Disturb. 

99% Invisible - Podcast

Produced a special mini-series on how sound is affecting our health. Sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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BBC Online News - Science Reporter

News articles and features covering diverse science topics including super-fast muscles in bats, self-healing concrete, and predicting earthquakes. 

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Statistics Views - Features Writer

Articles exploring the numbers behind environmental stories, like the animals saved from extinction, the impact of plastic bag bans, and the next generation of soft robotics

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